Why should you list your business?

January 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Town of Miami online local business directory

There are many reasons why you want your business listed with a national or local directory like MiamiLakes.City. Although a lot of people may not see it this way, building backlink to your business website should be your primary reason.

Studies show that about 15-20% of web traffic that finds your business online via an organic search will convert into sales. This number may not sound like a lot, but on average the conversion rate for printed marketing is about 1.5-2% on a good day. It’s for this reason so many thriving businesses are allocating as much as 80% of their advertising budget to online advertising; in particular SEO (search engine optimization).

So what is organic search?

In this day and age of pesky telemarketer, 100 spam emails per day and ten pieces of garbage in your mailbox every other day, consumers have become desensitized to advertising. So much so that “Googling” has become a verb! Consumers who are ready to buy are going to the web looking for what they want. The results they find are called organic search results. That is because they are not artificially imposed on them via pop-ups, paid for ads or “give me your email to show you what I have to offer” type of schemes.

Even if they first saw your ad in print, on the radio or TV, unless the person is quite familiar with your brand, consumers will go online and see what others are saying about you, your products and or services.

The liberal minds at Google will tell you that if you have a half decent website, they will reward you with a good ranking. The fact is that nothing can be further from the truth!

Since its inception, Google has been based on a simple philosophy; one that was later patented by Larry Page (co-founder of Google) and that is Page Rank (also referred to as PR). The way it works is simple. Once the Google spider (GoogleBot) finds your website, it analyzes not only it’s on page quality but also the quality of the sites that links to it! The idea is that if CNN has a link pointing to your website, then “it” must be important. At least this is the way it is explained in the Google patent filing.

Google says that they have discontinued Page Rank, but have they? What used to be called PR is now know as DA and PA, meaning, Domain Authority and Page Authority. All they have done is broken the PR score down, into two separate scores ranging from 0-100, the on-page quality and the quality of the links pointing to the website.

The better the DA and PA of a domain, where your link is the better the overall score and ranking of your domain will be. That is as long as these are do-follow links! You see, there are two types of links on the internet. Follow and No-Follow. The majority of high profile websites out there are NO-FOLLOW, and it is for this reason you should attain every DO-FOLLOW link you can get. The NO-FOLLOW designation is a signal to Google and other search engines NOT to follow a link that is pointing to an address outside of the domain. In other words, posting hundreds of links to FaceBook, for example, is just making FaceBook bigger and more popular while doing nothing for you as far as DA, and PA is concerned.

Your profile links at MiamiLakes.City are DO-FOLLOW high-quality links. Given the history of success achieved by our founders and the amount of marketing already scheduled, including national press releases, you will see the DA and PA score of our website skyrocket in just a few month. Who is going to benefit from this? The members who followed our instruction and created a stellar listing! Furthermore, we are employing the latest in technology and SEO practices. Very few websites out there are already using AMP (we are!) as well as schema markup and EXIF metadata. Help us water this tree so that we can all collect the fruits!