Directory Profile Best Practices

January 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Knowledge Base

We are not going to make this an SEO class, but have you ever wonder why some websites are on the first page of Google or very easy to find while others are nowhere to be found? While there are several technical factors, such as the quality of HTML code, loading speed and SSL or secured host (as this website has), about 33% of the time, it has to do with what the website says and the name of its images.

We want your MiamiLakes.City profile to work for you; and part of that success is going to be determined by how you fill your profile. Over the years we have found that the higher a person’s education, the more frustrated they become when writing for the web. Unlike literature and term papers, it does not pay to be abstract when writing web content. Writing content for the web should be straightforward, with simple words and expressions. Using lots of jargon and sophisticated words will not do you any good in this instance.

Here are a few recommended practices to consider.

    • It is important that you state clearly what your business does and what it has to offer. Saying that you are a lawyer is rarely enough. Visitors are not just searching for a lawyer. More often than not they are likely looking for a law specialty such divorce attorney, bankruptcy attorney, real estate attorney, etc.


      • If you have any special training, certifications or awards you must say that. State how long you have been in business. If for a short period, say if and how long you been involved in the same trade and in what capacity? When it comes to online marketing, a little bragging, without lying, rarely hurts! You must understand that Google offers visitor many choices. In a colony of penguins, it is sometimes hard to look different. For this reason, you must contrast yourself from the competition. All the major brands practice this and so should you.


        • While Google does a pretty good job of searching for images that have similar composition and even color profile, it is unable to label or identified images as a restaurant or dentist in Miami Lakes! The first thing 90% of all SEO agencies do when they get a new project, is rename all images with complementary keywords that describe the image instead of something like image1.jpg or P1130831.JPG. So you must take advantage of this with any images in your profile.


          • Backlink to your website whenever possible. In the “Why should you list your business? ” blog post we talked about how Google judges and grades your website based on the quality and number of links pointing towards your website. However, like everything in life, moderation goes a long way. We don’t recommend having more than one “keyword anchored link” to your website from any profile, blog post, or online article. An anchored link is when the keyword itself is a link (an example is the title of the blog post above). Your MiamiLakes.City profile is going to have one link labeled “Web Link”, although this is an anchored link, it is a generic one. Words like click here, more info, website, etc. don’t count; meaning you need to identify a keyword that is descriptive of your products and or services and it to link to your website. You should only have one of this type in links on your profile!

          If this is a subject of interest, please let us know. We will make sure to add more articles on this subject.